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Brochures, Factsheets & Links

10 Child Support Facts for Fathers


Ohio Child Support Laws Engaging Fathers 


Workforce Development, Pathways Program (Franklin County) 


To view a video on how to request a modification of a child support order click here  .


To view a video with answers to FAQs about child support, click here e 


Am I a Dad? 


Ohio Paternity Enhancement Program


Putative Fatherhood Registry



To view a video about how to establish paternity, click here.   

Daddy's Tool Bag

Daddy's Tool Bag was born 10 years ago with the goal of helping build the bonds between dads and their babies.  Whet started as an idea for a short motivational video eventually evolved into a series of videos focusing on baby-care basics and building new dads' confidence. 

New and soon-to-be fathers in Ohio can view the videos for free, by going to DaddysToolBag.com and entering the video library code "ohiodad."  This is a courtesy of the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood, which purchased a viewing license so that as many dads as possible can use it.

Hero Dads Needed

Do you have a photo of yourself changing a diaper, feeding your baby or just being a good dad?  Send it to FATHERS@jfs.ohio.gov , and it could end up on Daddy's Tool Bag "Hero Dad Photo Gallery"!

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